Attorney-at-law, certified mediator, legal translator
23, Mousson, N. Filothei, Athens, 115 24

Areas of Expertise: Medical malpractice, family and banking mediation

Languages: Greek, English

Education: Law Degree, University of Athens; LL.M. Medical Law & Bioethics, Queen Mary University of London, UΚ

Professional Career: Marianna was born in Athens in 1982. After graduating from Arsakeio of Psychiko High School, she was admitted to the Law Faculty of the University of Athens. Showing a great interest in health sciences, she attended postgraduate studies in Medical Law & Bioethics in the UK. Since her return to Greece, she continues her education at the National Bioethics Committee. Because of her active participation – through speeches/presentations, which were later on published – in national, European and international conferences, she became member at the EU program aiming at the development of national promotion networks for inter-professional education in the field of health services, collaborating with the Nursing School of the University of Athens, hospitals and clinics on a state level and deepening her knowledge on the role of the facilitator for the cooperation of inter-professional teams. She is a regular member of the Hellenic Union of Mediators, with an active role in its informative events, while participating at the Program for the Training of Patients & Physicians of the Hellenic Association for Rare Diseases, aiming at the promotion of mediation throughout Greece. She is a legal translator, supervisor of the Department of Legal Translations at «TranslatorPro».