Andrea Carlevaris - ΕΟΔΙΔ
I was truly impressed by EODID’s facilities and by the quality of the services offered in support of arbitration hearings. The infrastructure is comfortable and state-of-the-art. On both occasions I had to use EODID, the staff was professional, efficient and, not less importantly, extremely kind. I have no hesitation recommending EODID for hearings in Athens.

Andrea Carlevaris
Partner At BonelliErede, Former Secretary General Of The ICC International Court Of Arbitration And Director Of The ICC Dispute Resolution Services

Luis P. Selig - ΕΟΔΙΔ
My experience with EODID was a very positive one. Your facilities are very accommodating and well suited for mediation. My case, as you know, was a tough, stressful and emotional one for the seriously injured plaintiff’s family, and your comfortable and efficient space contributed to our being able to settle. Everyone appreciated the substantial and delicious lunch and snacks provided us, which allowed us to continue without interruption our 13-hour mediation. Finally, thank you and your staff for allowing us that critically important time as the evening wore on; we needed every minute.

Luis P. Selig
Credentialed Distinguished Mediator / Arbitrator, Houston, Texas

Κωνσταντίνος Καλαβρός - ΕΟΔΙΔ
Arbitration Housing & Accommodation in EODID premises (formerly in NOMIKI BIBLIOTHIKI) is flawless in every way. The staff stand out for their professionalism in providing arbitration support services. Arbitral proceedings are conducted in a user-friendly environment, and excellent support services such as recording, transcription editing, simultaneous interpretation etc. are available. All the above make EODID headquarters the best place to conduct arbitrations in Greece; a place fully recommended.

Constantin Calavros
Professor Emeritus At Democritus University Of Thrace, School Of Law

Χάρης Μεϊδάνης - ΕΟΔΙΔ
EODID offers a roster of neutrals with the highest expertise as well as experienced staff, outstanding facility services and, above all, sophisticated and modern Arbitration and Mediation Rules. It is a great option for those wishing to resolve disputes out of court, through arbitration, mediation or hybrid ADR methods.

Haris Meidanis
Managing Partner At “Meidanis, Seremetakis & Associates”, FCIArb

Blank Profile Picture
We would like to extend our appreciation to EODID and NOMIKI BIBLIOTHIKI for providing our firm with the ideal conditions for the conduct of numerous arbitral proceedings in their premises. The refined environment, the experienced staff, the state-of-the-art facilities and infrastructure, as well as the absolute confidentiality of the information disclosed during the conduct of the proceedings, guarantee impeccable hosting and support of international arbitrations, deliberations of the arbitral tribunal, as well as meetings held in the course of out-of-court negotiations. We greatly thank you for your services. The guaranteed quality of EODID Athens make it our firm’s standing choice!

Leonidas Maravelis
Founding Partner At “Pamboukis, Maravelis, Nikolaidis & Associates”

Νάσος Φελώνης - ΕΟΔΙΔ
The top-notch facilities, the hospitable space and the invaluable support of the highly experienced and well-trained EODID staff throughout the arbitral proceedings can only be compared to those of international institutions in the most renowned arbitration hotspots worldwide. Congratulations for your exceptional services and for becoming a point of reference in the market!

Nassos Felonis
General Counsel (Greece) | Eldorado Gold Corp.

George Fassoulakis - ΕΟΔΙΔ
Starting with the conscientious, very professional and well-mannered attitude of EODID staff, and going all the way up to the integrity of the technical infrastructure and the premises, I unreservedly vouch on the capacity of EODID Athens to organize and host events of such nature in the most efficient and comprehensive way imaginable. It has been and I trust will always be a pleasure for me to provide my professional services within this highly sophisticated facility with a very human face.

George Fassoulakis
EU (SCIC-AIC)-Accredited Legal Interpreter – Sworn Translator
Accredited Interpreter At The CJE