EODID Athens offers flexible solutions to enable resolution of your disputes.

Services provided by EODID Athens are particularly relevant to:

Individuals & Businesses

  • Resolve your dispute amicably within a few days with the assistance of a Mediator you have chosen or agreed to
  • Have your dispute resolved within a few months by an impartial arbitral tribunal which will hear your case and issue an arbitral award


  • Explore our structured Mediation and Arbitration procedures to have your clients’ disputes resolved in a prompt and highly cost-effective manner
  • Fully equipped facilities, tailored to the needs of ADR, as well as to hold meetings, negotiations, sign contracts etc.

Mediators & Arbitrators

  • Modern premises with all audiovisual, technical, and other equipment needed to cover the needs of any mediation and/or arbitration process
  • Secretarial and administrative support for your mediations and/or arbitrations, upon request