Attorney-at-law, Mediator, Mediators' Trainer, visiting professor, University of Frederick, Faculty of Law (Cyprus)
25 Valaoritou, Thessaloniki, 54625

Areas of Expertise: Commercial and civil law

Languages: Greek, English, French

Education: Law Degree, University of Thessaloniki; postgraduate degree in International Commercial Law, London Metropolitan University; Ph.D, Faculty of Law, University of Athens

Professional Career: Since 2001 he has a private legal practice, specializing in matters of civil – commercial law and negotiations (http://www.tlc.gr), having experience with issues related to industry, commerce, corporate and legal advise. He has participated in mediations, negotiations and ADR processes in Greece and abroad. He is partner of the Hellenic Mediation and Arbitration Center and member of the scientific committee of OPEMED. He is called as a speaker in a variety of educational and informational seminars on mediation for students, judges, mediators, mediators’ trainers, lawyers and businessmen. He teaches at the Larissa Institute for the training of mediators. In addition, he teaches mediation law at the e-learning programs of the University of Athens. His thesis “Mediation as an ADR method” was published in 2015 by Nomiki Bibliothiki. He has authored a series of articles on mediation, published in various law journals and magazines.