Judge emeritus, Supreme Court of Greece

Areas of Expertise: Law of Obligations, Commercial Law, Property Law, Labor Law

Languages: Greek

Education: Law Degree, University of Thessaloniki Faculty of Law; Master’s Degree in Criminal Law, University of Thessaloniki.

Professional Career: P. Katsiroubas served as a judge for four decades and retired in 2017 as a Supreme Court judge. He was the Director of the National School of Judges for the training and education in civil and criminal justice from 2011 until 2014. He is a founding member of the Jurist Society of Northern Greece (ENOBE). In the course of the years 2004-2017 he taught at the National School of Judges the following courses:”Right to Compensation deriving from Traffic Accidents”, “Commercial Law – Personal Companies”, “Processing of Files on Labor Disputes”, “Practical Issues of Civil Procedure”, “General Principles of Civil Law “,” Practical Issues of the Code of Criminal Procedure – Judicial Decision Structure “.