Lawyer, Legal Practitioner, Accredited Mediator (YDDAD), Accredited Mediator Trainer (YDDAD)

Areas of Expertise: Civil, commercial and family mediation, workplace mediation, online mediation

Languages: Greek, English

Professional Career: Zoe is a mediation trainer at the Mediators’ Training Institute of Thessaloniki and a teacher in dispute resolution at the MBA program of the American College of Thessaloniki. She is an accredited mediator by ADR (UK) in civil, commercial, family and workplace mediation. She is also an accredited mediator and a mediators trainer in online mediation, as well as an accredited mediators trainer’s trainer in school mediation. She is trained in mediation and negotiation on the level of Master Class at Harvard. She is also an accredited mediator by the International Academy of ADR (USA).