Δικηγόρος - LL.M., Διαπιστευμένη Διαμεσολάβητρια (ΥΔΔΑΔ, UK),
20, Karolou Deel, Thessaloniki, 54623
2310223443, 6944691643

Areas of Expertise:  Civil, commercial, business and family disputes

Mediation Experience: mediator and legal counsel of parties in civil, commercial, business and family disputes in Greece and abroad.

Languages: Greek, English, French

Education: Law Degree, LL.M. in International and Comparative Business Law, London Guildhall (Metropolitan) University (UK)

Professional Career: Maria is a lawyer, member of the Thessaloniki Bar Association. She is specialized and certified in commercial and in family mediation as well as in negotiation by internationally acknowledged mediators and mediation organizations, also as trainer and public dialogue facilitator. Since 2013, she teaches basic civil and commercial mediation as well as family mediation at the Piraeus Mediation Center  and has acted as an assessor during the mediators’ accreditation process. She is the facilitator in educational workshops on family and business mediation. She has created, organized, delivered and trained in school mediation programs in Greece. She participates as a judge at the international competition for commercial mediation of ICC Paris and at the international mediation competition of the International Academy of Dispute Resolution (InADR). She is a member of domestic and international Committees, Centers, Organizations and Unions relating to mediation. She is often invited to teach mediation in conferences and educational programs and she participates as speaker in congresses and fora on mediation.