Attorney-at-law, LL.M, MBA, Accredited Mediator (MoJ)
Aphrodite 39, P. Faliro, Athens 17561

Αreas of expertise: family disputes, workplace disputes, school mediation, banking disputes, over indebted natural persons and companies, cases of Law 3869/2010, non-performing loans.

Experience in mediation: Mediation experience in Greece and abroad, primarily in the field of family and workplace mediation. She has undertaken initiatives, addressed to lawyers and judges, to promote online information with regard to mediation.

Languages: Greek, English, French, German

Education: LLB, LL.M on International and EU Law (UoA), MBA, focusing on Finance and Statistics (ALBA).

Professional Career: Attorney-at-law (Athens Bar Association). Accredited mediator in family and workplace mediations, with mediation experience in Greece and abroad. Founding member of “InMedio” – team of mediators. She has participated in mediation conferences and fora in Greece and abroad.