Gaillard Banifatemi Shelbaya Disputes
22 rue de Londres, Paris, 75009

Arbitration Experience: Chairman, sole arbitrator or member of the tribunal in numerous international arbitration proceedings under the Arbitration Rules of ICSID, ICC, LCIA, IACAC, AAA, Franco-German Chamber of Commerce, Zagreb Chamber of Commerce, Geneva Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Cairo Regional Center for International Commercial Arbitration, as well as in ad hoc (including UNCITRAL) arbitration proceedings.

Languages: French, English

Education: Maîtrise en droit, Université de Paris II, 1975; DEA en droit privé, Université de Paris II, 1976; DEA en droit pénal, Université de Paris II, 1977; Doctorat en droit, Université de Paris II, 1981; Agrégé des Facultés de Droit, 1982.

Professional Career: Emmanuel Gaillard is a Professor of Law (Agrégé des Facultés de droit). He has written extensively on all aspects of arbitration law, in French and in English. In 1999, he co-authored Fouchard Gaillard Goldman On International Commercial Arbitration, a leading publication in this field. In 2007, he authored the first published essay on the legal theory of international arbitration based on his Course at The Hague Academy of International Law (Aspects philosophiques du droit de l’arbitrage international), subsequently published in English (Legal Theory of International Arbitration) as well as in the Arabic, Chinese, Spanish, Hungarian, Portuguese and Lithuanian languages. From 1985 to 2010, he published a yearly feature in the Journal du Droit International, commenting on ICSID decisions and awards. In 2004, he published a seminal volume on ICSID arbitration case law entitled La Jurisprudence du CIRDI, the second volume of which was published in 2010.
Emmanuel Gaillard has advised and represented corporations, States and State-owned entities in international arbitration cases for over 30 years. He has also acted as sole arbitrator, party-appointed arbitrator or Chairman under most international arbitration rules and is frequently called upon to appear as an expert witness on arbitration law issues in international arbitration proceedings or enforcement actions before domestic courts.
Emmanuel Gaillard regularly acts as expert for the OECD (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development), UNCTAD (United Nations Conference on Trade and Development) and UNCITRAL (United Nations Commission on International Trade Law). In 2010, he was appointed as expert by UNCITRAL for the drafting of the UNCITRAL Guide on the New York Convention, which was published in 2017. He has been appointed by France on the ICSID Panel of Arbitrators. Emmanuel Gaillard is the co-founder and former President of the International Academy for Arbitration Law and chairs the International Arbitration Institute (IAI). He was the Head of Shearman & Sterling’s International Arbitration practice from 1987 to 2021.