About us

About us

A brief history of EODID Athens

EODID Athens Mediation & Arbitration Organization was founded on the initiative of Nomiki Bibliothiki Publishing Group (www.nb.org) and a team of prominent Judges (retired), Academics and Lawyers, with the exclusive purpose of providing mediation and arbitration services in Greece and abroad.

Incorporated as a société anonyme under Greek law in March 2016, EODID Athens is assisted in its work by a Supervisory Board and an Arbitration Board, whose broad scope and increased decision-making powers enhance the integrity, reliability and quality of EODID services.

Regarding arbitration hosting in particular, EODID Athens draws from the considerable experience of its predecessor, Nomiki Bibliothiki; since 2000, the latter has hosted in its premises hundreds of national and international arbitral proceedings with the participation of leading law firms and the largest enterprises per industry from Greece and abroad.

EODID Athens brings this experience a step further and offers comprehensive alternative dispute resolution  support services. Interested parties may file a dispute resolution request with regard to any dispute eligible for mediation or arbitration. EODID Athens will then take all necessary steps towards a prompt, cost-effective and efficient resolution thereof.

Our Professional Philosophy

Disputes are better resolved when the resolution initiative comes from those involved. An amicable resolution of the dispute, or at least a resolution method mutually agreed upon, entails more sustainable solutions in the long term, enabling the peaceful co-existence of those involved.

EODID Athens aims at promoting dispute resolution methods which embody the above philosophy. The action of EODID Athens aligns with other initiatives whose purpose is to contribute to an improved system of administration of justice. On the basis of its modern and flexible Arbitration and Mediation Rules, EODID Athens provides dispute resolution services taking into account the interests of all those involved.

With a view to providing opportunities for a well-balanced solution for any dispute, EODID Athens operates in the framework established in its Statutes, as detailed in its scope in particular.

Collaboration is our key asset

EODID Athens builds its action on the integrity and the reliability of its neutrals, as well as its constant efforts to provide high quality services. The ongoing collaboration between the four pillars of EODID Athens ensures its smooth operation at all times:


Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of EODID Athens oversees the management and operation of the Organization with regard to all services provided. It is assisted by the Supervisory Board and the Arbitration Board, whose enhanced decision-making powers ensure the integrity, impartiality and independence of EODID Athens.

The EODID Supervisory and Arbitration Boards have been constituted by resolution of the Board of Directors. Both the Supervisory and Arbitration Boards operate under their respective Internal Rules.

Current composition of the Board of Directors:

A. Karatzas, EODID shareholder, Attorney-at-law (Athens Bar Association), MBA, Accredited Mediator

L. Karatza, EODID shareholder, Attorney-at-law (Athens Bar Association), HRM, Accredited Mediator

G. Papantonopoulou, Attorney-at-law (Athens Bar Association), LL.M, Accredited Mediator

Supervisory Board

The Supervisory Board of EODID Athens is a body composed of prominent jurists – including judges, lawyers and academics – who assist EODID Mediators and Arbitrators in their work. The Supervisory Board monitors strict adherence to high dispute resolution standards, in particular as regards the rules of conduct that EODID neutrals are expected to abide by when in charge of or participating in mediation and arbitration cases.

The Supervisory Board is an independent body whose powers have been established by resolution of the EODID Athens Board of Directors and are set out in detail in the Internal Rules of the Supervisory Board.

K. Menoudakos, President Judge Emeritus of the Hellenic Council of State, President of the Hellenic Data Protection Authority

Deputy Chair
I. Tentes, Prosecutor Emeritus of the Supreme Court of Greece, former National Coordinator against Corruption

Regular members
A. Koutromanos, President Judge Emeritus of the Supreme Court of Greece, President of the Greek National Council for Radio and Television
A. Karampatzos, Associate Professor at University of Athens, School of Law
V. Papathanasopoulou, Legal Counsel & Secretary to the Board of Directors of “Athens International Airport SA”, LL.M., Attorney-at-law (Athens Bar Association)

Alternate members
P. Staikouras, Associate Professor at University of Piraeus, Greece – Department of Banking and Financial Management
H. Meidanis, Partner at “Meidanis, Seremetakis & Associates”, Ph.D., FCIArb, Attorney-at-law (Athens Bar Association), Member of ΙCC Institute of World Business Law

Arbitration Board

The Arbitration Board of EODID Athens is responsible for any action requiring the participation of an independent body to ensure the progress of the arbitration process, without prejudice to the jurisdiction of the arbitral tribunal. The powers of the Arbitration Board are set out in its Internal Rules, as enacted by resolution of the EODID Athens Board of Directors.

Composed of 15 members serving a 3-year term, the EODID Arbitration Board operates in the form of a smaller 3-member committee, whose members are designated by drawing lots in a special procedure held in the presence of the Chair and Deputy Chair of the Board when acting in plenum.

The principal responsibilities of the EODID Arbitration Board are established as follows:

  • Appointing arbitrators in case of lack of mutual consent of the parties;
  • Deciding on a challenge of an arbitrator;
  • Replacing arbitrators, if applicable;
  • Determining the value of the claim in case of non-monetary claims;
  • Providing guidance on the interpretation of the EODID Arbitration Rules, where appropriate.

Ch. Geraris, President Judge Emeritus of the Hellenic Council of State (Athens)

Deputy Chair
E. Perakis, Professor Emeritus at University of Athens, School of Law (Athens)

M. Theocharidis, President Judge Emeritus of the Supreme Court of Greece (Athens)
V. Lykoudis, Vice-President Judge Emeritus of the Supreme Court of Greece (Athens)
F. Kaymenakis, Judge Emeritus of the Supreme Court of Greece (Athens)
M. Margaritis, Judge Emeritus of the Supreme Court of Greece (Athens)
E. Vassilakakis, Professor at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, School of Law (Thessaloniki)
S. Brekoulakis, Professor at Queen Mary University of London, School of Law (London)
H. Pamboukis, Professor at University of Athens, School of Law (Athens)
D. Tsikrikas, Professor at University of Athens, School of Law (Athens)
G. Petrochilos, Partner at Three Crowns LLP (Paris)
Ε. Gaillard, Partner at Shearman & Sterling LLP – Head of International Arbitration Practice (Paris)
S. Greenberg, Partner at Clifford Chance (Paris)
Ch. Leathley, Partner at Herbert Smith Freehills LLP (New York)
E. Stein, Partner at Dechert LLP (Brussels, Paris)