Water. Two atoms of hydrogen, one atom of oxygen – three particles, three parties.
Just like any dispute brought to mediation or arbitration.
Two parties in dispute – a neutral party between them, bringing them together. This is what EODID Athens does.
Acting as a catalyst to enable out-of-court dispute resolution.

Integrity Transparency Reliability

EODID Athens Mediation & Arbitration Organization is an alternative dispute resolution (ADR) services provider, aiming at enabling the prompt,
cost-effective and efficient resolution of any dispute eligible for mediation and/or arbitration.
Located in the center of Athens, EODID Athens offers high quality services in modern facilities, in collaboration with prominent Arbitrators and Mediators,
highly experienced in ADR for both domestic and international disputes.

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EODID Company Profile :


Amicable dispute resolution

with an enforceable title


Dispute resolved by an

independent arbitral tribunal


Modern facilities adapted to

the needs of ADR processes

EODID Athens enables a prompt resolution of your disputes

Dispute Resolution in figures

According to official data (2017 ΕU Justice Scoreboard, CEPEJ Study), the time needed to resolve litigated civil and commercial cases in court may reach well over 500 days in specific Member States, while resolution of administrative cases in court at times extends further than 1000 days. These figures solely refer to first instance proceedings, not taking into account the time needed for conclusion of second instance proceedings, as well as any further delays due to postponement of hearings etc.

Dispute Resolution with EODID Athens

  • Free of unnecessary waiting time for hearing dates
  • Swift Mediator selection procedure
  • Reliable and flexible Arbitrator appointment procedure
  • Dispute resolution calendar adaptable to the needs of any dispute

EODID Athens collaborates with





Your dispute can be resolved in


Days if you
opt for Mediation


Months if you
opt for Arbitration

EODID Mediators & Arbitrators



EODID in a nutshell

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